Takeaway: Struggling with legacy systems, top tech distributor Exertis switched to Pimberly to solve all their issues in one sweep. 

Exertis is one of Europe's largest and fastest growing technology distribution and specialist service providers. With over 22,850 resellers, e-commerce operators and retailers across Europe. In 2016, Exertis had a turnover of £2.44 billion (EUR 3.17 billion) and grew by 4%.

As SAP and Hybris users they had struggled to get Hybris to address the issues faced by distributors, namely: ingesting, storing, managing and checking multiple feeds of product information and then delivering multiple variations of that data to the channels of their customers.

They spent several months trying code around the issues, but as soon as they saw what Pimberly could do, they were able to address all these issues instantly.

Exertis still use Hybris for their e-commerce platform, and because Pimberly integrates with SAP and Hybris seemlessly their problems have been solved in weeks using off-the-shelf software instead of months of bespoke code.


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